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The Swarm is Coming - Awarded Crash Smash
The Swarm is Coming - Awarded Crash Smash - Crash Magazine Oct/Nov 2021

Hello Bremner...welcome to Proxima Mining Co.

Since the colonisation of Proxima B in 2112, Humans have been mining Proxima Moon Alpha for the element Proximium.

Scientists have discovered that Proximium has a unique characteristic, being able to distort the space/time continuum.  

Proximium has now been incorporated into the first successful experiments with teleportation, enabling small, non-living, items to be transported across space time in seconds.  Scientists working at the Moon Base are working hard to improve the capabilities of the first ‘Materializer-ZX’ (Mat-ZX) aiming to get it to a point where humans can be teleported, which they hope will help to rapidly accelerate the colonisation of Proxima B and further human expansion across the galaxy.

You are Bremner, an engineer working at the Moon Base, generally fixing things that the scientists break or lose.  One morning you are outside the Moon Base with your senior colleague Mortimer, inspecting some strange mineral deposits that have recently appeared on the surface. 

You have a MAT-ZX with you, useful for the canteen to teleport your sandwiches to you...although it makes the cheese taste funny... when you hear the dulcet tones of Lt. Katie Swain in your ear....


About the game

The game is split across 4 files available in 128K and 48K version. In addition there is a training mission that we recommend you start with to help you get used to the controls and game mechanics.

swarm0-training.tap PROXIMA MINING CO. BASIC TRAINING (Start here!) 

swarm1-xxx.tap MISSION 1 

swarm2-xxx.tap MISSION 2

swarm3-xxx.tap MISSION 3 

swarm4-xxx.tap MISSION 4

Missions 2,3, and 4 require access codes which are granted by successfully completing the prior mission. You can restart any mission using an access code, there are multiple codes dependent on difficulty and your performance.

NEW: Update 2 released 9/11/2021

Pleased to report the 128K version potential issue has been fixed, please download the latest version, includes other improvements & fixes (see the README file in the download for details)


All keys are re-definable. Default keys:

MOVEMENT: (8-Way directional)

Q -----UP

A -----DOWN

O----- LEFT

P -----RIGHT

K   + Q,A,O or P----- STRAFE

Space -----FIRE

1----- WEAPON SELECT (up)

2----- WEAPON SELECT (down)

I----- MAT-ZX Menu (request a supplies teleportation drop)

Also supports Kempston & Sinclair Joysticks (we recommend redfining keys first for the additional keys required that are not supported by single button Spectrum joysticks)

MELEE Rapidly Tap the FIRE key

Should you be caught in a fist-fight the MELEE icon will appear in the weapon slot in the HUD.  Rapidly tap the FIRE key to win the fight by filling the MELEE meter beneath the icon

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Retro, Top Down Adventure, Top down shooter, ZX Spectrum
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


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The Swarm is Coming - FULL.zip 512 kB


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Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:25:36. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

muy buen juego

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Gracias por sus amables comentarios

Great game thank you 

So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment!


Just purchased to encourage you to make more great games, Thank you. <3


Whoop! consider me encouraged, thanks so much for your support Paul :)


what's the length of the game ?

5 X 48k files. A training tutorial and 4 missions. About 80 screens.


Brilliant game. BRILLIANT.

As mentioned in my "review" on stream this is Alien Breed inspired with Space Hulk Tactical top down elements and it WORKS. Hard as balls and good for it. Really enjoyed, thank you so much for making my life as a retro gamer and retro streamer a pleasure even 30+ years after the fact.

Thanks so much man, really enjoyed your stream, was so gratifying to hear your comments especially when you said it felt like 'top down Doom' as that was exactly what I set out to create...although it mutated with other influences like MGS and obviously Alien Breed. I also got a bunch of ideas from watching you play that I will put into the update.

Hi Minilop, is there a demo to publish your game ? Thanks in advance.

Email me minilopretro@gmail.com


Congrats man, great game

Thanks so much


Hurrah! Huge game! Excited to play it 'for real' :)

Keep doing what you're doing!


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Thanks Sheepy!