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Loving the game, but strangely the new ZX Touch dashboard profiles seem to break the 'M' key music change button, leaving the music track stuck on 'Banging'. No such issue when launching the game directly without using the new dashboard profiles. Any chance of a fix?

What needs to be done to get 100% rating?

Nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 04:33:20. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Amazing  ✨

Hi Bruce, congratulations on the game. I've sent you an email (about music) so hope you got it! :-)

Received and replied with thanks!

GREAT GAME ! One of my favs for the ZX Spectrum !

Hey! Thanks so much, glad you are enjoying it :

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Hi. We bought version 1 of this game some months ago. Why can't we download v2? Should we buy V2 standalone as well?

With the 'download' button on top, it seems to download always v1.

It should download the v2 version, to check if you have v2, in the game press the M key, if you get the music select menu then you definitely have v2

Many thanks, I was fooled by the date of the files included in the zip file. Pressing M, a music selection menu appears, so it should be the right version. Kind regards.

Great game. Good music, smooth movement and nice room design. The only problem, as someone has noted, is when the enemies push you to death when they get hurt by traps. You have to be very careful about everything that moves in every screen :)

Thanks! It works both ways...if you strike an enemy and they get pushed back into a trap it will inflict more damage to them! - It's all part of the gameplay :)

May one of the greatest spectrum games of all times.

Thanks so much! High praise indeed!

Congratulations on the work, the game is very fun.

Very kind of you, Sir!

Such a great game, would be great to have a physical release, Im really into them, cassete or even cartridge for the 128 would be amazing :)

Thanks so much, we are doing a physical version in conjunction  with Fusion Retro Books as part of the Crash annual Kickstarter, details here

Can you make it such that mobs don't get hurt by traps? Annoyance when they "warp" to you from the other side of the room because they got stuck in a trap.

Thanks for the suggestion, when designing the game I wanted to add 'feedback' inertia - such that if an enemy is hit by something they should recoil  - like when you hit them with a sword - similarly if they stupidly walk into a hazard like a spinning blade/axe - it should hurtle them.  I get that it makes it more difficult, but I kinda feel its part of the game, you need to keep an eye out for an enemy about to walk into a hazard and plan your move.  Would be interested in other players views on this? (incidentally this is mainly a feature in Dungeon 1 and to a lesser extent Dungeon 3)

I'd be curious to see what people say. If the game is to easy it gets boring, I like a good challenge and feel that "retro" games should be more challenging.

Thanks for the new version, I Love the news loadings screen and the music is better.

Cool, glad you like them!

Very impressive game! Gameplay rocks!

Glad you are enjoying it, thanks!

I enjoyed everything in this game. Fun action, great looking levels and fantastic music! I will be completing all the dungeons, that's a promise. Thanks!

That's awesome! Thanks for playing.


So good it made my hair rise to new levels so as the tides slowly drown the planet, this game and this game alone provides mankind with safe harbour!

Yes it really is that blummin' good. Buy it. Play it. Stream it (profile for my stream) and remember, jump on the hair to stay safe!

Bruce, brilliant job mate. Easily one of the best games on the incredible, and not brown, ZX Spectrum!


Thanks Hitch, glad you enjoyed it!


Fabulous! :D




cheers Sheepy!

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Ok, it has to be said quite frankly: That's a damn fine game you've got here! I'm in the second dungeon and feel brillantly entertained. I love the graphical design and the music track is just spot on. Gameplay is both easy to grasp and challenging in a very good way. The magic system spices the hack and slash up in a very motivating manner (nothing is more satisfying then to freeze your enemies and hack them to pieces). Overall Hakkenkast (what an ingenious name by the way!) is a remarkably well rounded, balanced, clever, accessible game that's enormously satisfying to play. One of the best Speccy games I've played in a long, long time without any doubt. And for the price it's a real steal.

Congratulations to  this great achievement!

Wow! Thanks so much for the feedback, I always worry when designing a game...'will people get it' so it's immensely gratifying that at least one person does! You are right about the spells, I've watched a few people playing the game and most rely on the Sword, whilst that's fun to do...mastering your spellbook is the real path to success!  Thanks so much!!!!

Yeah, it's the combination of both that makes the game so very motivating. I feel like a battlemage "hakking" and "kasting" my way through these beautifully varied dungeons and their horrifying inhabitants. Thank you for creating this extraordinaire experience!

A more misterious selectable soundtrack style could not harm anyone, from the same composer we have this creepy  dungeon mood :

I'm  looking in to selectable music for the next update, unfortunately the track you linked to wouldn't be compatible.  Music is not something I can do myself, if there are any AY musicians out there who would like to contribute some suitable tracks please let me know!   The music seems very subjective, some people love it, some really hate it.  Help!!

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The music is too stressful in my opinion, the music in the second dungeon is the best, you spend a lot of time looking for the exit from the labyrinths and the music makes me nervous, of course this is a subjective opinion.

I love this game, spectacular.

Wow! That's so great to hear! Thanks!

Great game. Congratulations!

Thanks so much for the feedback.

Awesome game Minilop ! Receive our sincere congrats. A full demo play in your honor :

Great! Thanks for your support

Nice game. Thanks

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Excellent game and love the music too. Thanks

Thanks! Music is by Yerzmyey

I got it. Now lets enjoy it!! Be assured that if I find a bug, I will claim my money! ;)

Its a joke. I wanna discover the new world that you've create for us.

Thanks so much, dude!

Hey friend, thanks! We found a bug on Javi's stream, I've fixed it, be sure to download the updated version above

Amazing game. Well done and thank you for taking the time to create this!

My pleasure, really pleased you are enjoying it

Good stuff.


Great game!

Thanks for all your support Indie Retro News!